Logo Neurotic Dog Studios

Brand Strategy & Design

When you’re looking for more than a logo and a set of colors… when only strategy and a roadmap on how to use it will satisfy. Go beyond the common brand solution and have a bespoke brand identity and strategic plan crafted for your practice. Plumb the depths and discover the core foundation of your practice and establish procedures for consistency and alignment. Find your purpose and the vision for your practice and develop the roadmap for reaching your destination.  Servicing the health and wellness community and beyond.

Differentiate Magazine Logo

Quarterly Magazine

A quarterly publication directed to practice owners in the health and wellness industry.  Includes curated content from experts in branding, marketing, law, human resources, benefits, technology, and other non-clinical areas that can aid in the running and growing of their practice.

Custom Fonts

On occation the need, or inclination arises for the creation of a unique typeface. There are also occations where specific letterforms are developed for a project at Neurotic Dog Studios. If the subset of letterforms have merit they may be exanded to a full complement of letterforms and offered as a unique typeface through the Monotype distribution system. This division currently is a very small subset of the NDS Enterprises LLC porfolio.

NDS Book Publishing Service Mark

Book Publishing

Distribution submission and marketing of author publications.  The assistance to self-publishing authors to get their manuscripts set up on such platforms as Lulu, Amazon, Google Play Books, Kobo, Apple Books and Barns & Noble, as well as setting up their author sites to support thier acceptance to writer review and marketing sites such as Goodreads, Booksprout, and BookBub.