Distribution submission and marketing of author publications.  The assistance to self-publishing authors to get their manuscripts set up on such platforms as Lulu, Amazon, Google Play Books, Kobo, Apple Books and Barns & Noble, as well as setting up their author sites to support their acceptance to writer review and marketing sites such as Goodreads, Booksprout, and BookBub.

Formatting for Print & eBook

NDS Enterprises LLC provides comprehensive formatting services for both print and eBooks. This includes formatting the manuscript to meet the specific requirements of print-on-demand services and eBook platforms. We make sure your book is ready for publication in multiple formats, giving you flexibility in reaching a wide range of readers.

Book Layout

Our book layout service is all about presenting your manuscript in an attractive and reader-friendly format. We meticulously design the interior pages, selecting fonts, formatting text, and organizing elements like chapters, headings, and images to ensure a polished and professional appearance. A well-structured layout enhances readability and ensures your book looks its best in print and digital formats.

Cover Design

They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but in the world of publishing, a captivating cover can make all the difference. Our cover design service focuses on creating eye-catching and genre-appropriate book covers. We collaborate with authors to capture the essence of their story and convey it through striking visuals, typography, and design elements. A well-designed cover grabs the attention of potential readers and entices them to explore your book further.

eBook Layout

In today’s digital age, eBooks are a popular format for reading. Our eBook layout service ensures that your manuscript is expertly formatted for various eBook platforms like Kindle, Nook, and Apple Books. We optimize the layout for different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a seamless reading experience. We also take care of details like hyperlinked table of contents and text re-flow, making your eBook reader-friendly.

Proofreading and Editing

While not mentioned explicitly, it’s worth noting that we offer proofreading and editing services as part of our pre-publication package. Before your book goes to print or is published as an eBook, our team of experienced editors reviews your manuscript for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency. This ensures a polished and error-free final product.

Print Preparation

For authors planning to release physical copies of their books, we take care of print preparation. This includes setting up files according to the specifications of the chosen printing service, ensuring that your book will be printed with the highest quality and accuracy.

These pre-publication services are essential steps in the journey to becoming a published author. Our goal is to assist authors in creating professionally crafted books that not only meet industry standards but also stand out in the competitive market, whether in print or digital form.

Publication and Discovery

NDS Enterprises LLC will help you through the process of getting your book onto major self-publishing platforms such as Amazon, Apple., Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and Lulu. We’ll assist you with getting your author website set up with everything that is required by some self-publication platforms and review/marketing sites. We can also help you get set up on those same review /marketing platforms so that you can connect with your audience and start actively marketing your new book.

Distribution and Submission:

We assist self-publishing authors in the distribution and submission process of their manuscripts to various platforms. This includes but is not limited to Lulu, Amazon, Google Play Books, Kobo, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble. We ensure that your work is formatted and prepared according to the specifications of each platform, making it readily available to a wide range of readers.

Author Website Setup

Establishing a strong online presence is crucial for authors. We help authors create and set up their dedicated author websites. These websites serve as a central hub for readers to learn more about the author, explore their works, and engage with their content. Having a professionally designed author site enhances credibility and supports the author’s acceptance on writer review and marketing sites.

Goodreads, Booksprout, and BookBub Integration

To effectively promote an author’s work, we integrate their presence on writer review and marketing sites such as Goodreads, Booksprout, and BookBub. This involves setting up and optimizing author profiles, ensuring that their books are listed accurately.

Marketing Strategies

We develop tailored marketing strategies to boost an author’s visibility and engagement. This includes crafting compelling book descriptions, optimizing keywords for search, and utilizing promotional tools available on these platforms. Our goal is to help authors connect with their target audience and build a dedicated reader base.

Branding and Identity

In line with our holistic approach, we also consider the author’s branding and identity. We work with authors to create a cohesive brand that reflects their unique style and voice, making sure that this brand extends to their author profiles and marketing materials.

By offering these services, NDS Enterprises LLC supports self-publishing authors in not only getting their manuscripts published on major platforms but also in establishing an online presence, ultimately helping them connect with their readers and achieve success in the competitive world of publishing.


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